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Dried Pink Lime | 100 counts

Dried Pink Lime | 100 counts

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100 counts | - Dehydrated Pink Lime Slices -

Lime's are sliced with a stainless steel slicer to achieve a consistent thickness.

Dehydrated on low temperature for at least 24 hours.

Our Dried Lime Wheel's are still rich in flavor and full of color.

After dehydration time is over, we infuse our dry Limes with Red Beet Juice and repeat the dehydration process a second time. 

After the second dehydration is finished, we have our NEAT | PINK LIME GARNISH! 

We use only commercial stainless steel dehydrators and trays for the best result.

Our NEAT.garnish will come in a 

7 X 10.2 Inches

Kraft Stand Up Zip Lock Pouch Bag

They are resealable bag to maintain a dry product with easy access.